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Umbraco Bellissima WIP articles

With the release of Umbraco's new backoffice (codenamed Bellissima) drawing closer, (May 2024), I wanted to keep a list of work-in-progress (WIP) links to articles and resources for anyone future extension developers.

As a first port of call for the most up-to-date list of links and resources, please check out the Umbraco Packages Community Team page Umbraco v14 "Bellissima" Resources, much of this is based on Markus Johansson's (@markusjoha) Resources for Umbraco 14 Bellissima (new Backoffice) page, thank you to Markus! 🙏

The rest of this post is intended to compliment, not compete with, Markus's page.

Matt Brailsford (@mattbrailsford)

In the earliest stages of Bellissima, Matt put together a series of articles that explore each aspect of the frontend tech stack.

Kevin Jump (@kevinjump)

Kevin is actively documenting his developer journey as an early adopter of Bellissima.

Me, Lee Kelleher (@leekelleher)

I started writing a series of articles about how I am migrating my Contentment package over to Bellissima.

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