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Best Interview Complement Ever

As an interviewee what's the kindest or most encouraging comment an interviewer has said to you?

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Keith Lee

I'll start.

My most recent technical interview involved reviewing a coding assignment I had submitted in advance.

The interviewer had me walk through my development process and some of my design decisions, which I readily discussed. He pointed out areas that I could have improved upon and foreshadowed the strategy he had considered ideal, and then things took an interesting turn.

To paraphrase, he said "No-one's ever taken an approach like this before. It's effective, straightforward and easily extended. If we combined this and my expected answer, I think we would have the optimal solution. I'm keeping this one in my back pocket."

I'm pretty sure I turned bright red after that.

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Silvia España Gil

In the interview game I asked myself how to differentiate myself from other people that might be applying. My mentor mentioned that I do quite good and fun readmes and encouraged me to exploit that.

The first interview that they noticed the effort I put not only on my code but in the Readme I was SO thrilled because it meant they took the time to see everything I have to share.

And just as an extra, the worst was another interview where...THEY DID NOT SAW ANYTHING. Nor the readme...but nor the code. They were literally watching my challenge while interviewing was awfull, it felt like they just didn't care.