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Lea Rosema (she/her)
Lea Rosema (she/her)

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Hello World!

Hello World ! ☺

My name is Lea Rosema. I am a passionate Full Stack Software Developer, currently based in Papenburg, Germany.

You can find me on GitHub as terabaud.

At the age of 8, I started to learn coding with the Schneider CPC 464 in Locomotive BASIC. At the age of 13, I switched to a 386 PC and further advanced my coding skills. I learned Turbo Pascal and x86 Assembly Language and created my first games and graphics demos using mode 0x13.

In the late 90's, I started playing with the web platform. Since then, I fell in love the web platform. I never used <blink> but a fair amount of <marquee> and started gaining backend skills with Perl CGI Scripting. Then, I switched from Perl to PHP/MySQL and ASP.NET/Microsoft SQL Server. Today, I focus on JavaScript in node.js and in the browser.

As a life-long learner, I always keep up-to date with modern web technologies and love to work on projects following agile and test-first development workflows.

I also enjoy creative coding and audio/graphics programming, playing with HTML5 Canvas, SVG, WebGL and exploring new JavaScript APIs for fun and profit. Check out my works on CodePen.

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Adam The Victini

Welcome! Have fun and feel free to post stuff!

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Jesse M. Holmes

Welcome, Lea! I started at age 10 on a TI 99/4A and BASIC, too. Oh the memories!

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Lea Rosema (she/her)

Awesome. <3