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Md shakib ahmed
Md shakib ahmed

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Easy Website Editor for Developers. Drag & drop simplicity.

I am super excited to share EZYTOR with DEV COMMUNITY,💖🎇🎇

Ezytor Create, publish and manage websites without coding knowledge. Stay up to date with regular feature updates and new themes. intuitive drag & drop feature and ready-made themes With Ezytor you can build your website in minutes with drag-and-drop simplicity.


❤️ 5 Full Business Covered Themes (Bootstrap, Tailwind)
❤️ 150+ Pre-made Templates (Bootstrap, Tailwind)
❤️ 500+ Pre-made Sections (Bootstrap, Tailwind)

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Upcoming Features:
*** Text Edit
*** Image Edit
*** Global Style change
*** 1000+ Templates

Any feedback/suggestions will be more than welcome.

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Let's team up together 🤝

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