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Web browser and search engine #

In today's world internet is the basic need we use search engine and web browser for surfing on the internet to view content on the internet we use web browser and to access that content from the internet we use search engine many folks get confused between browser and search engine
Although search engine and web browser work together but there are difference in between them

✅Browser is the window to internet
✅Web browser allow you to retrive, read the content from the web page available on the web server and these web page found out with the help of search engine
✅A web browser allow you to see the searched content
Firefox , brave are example

Search engine
✅A search engine is used to find the information in the World Wide Web
✅We access search engine through browser
✅Search engine require database
✅Search engine allow you to find out particular content from the internet
Goggle, Bing , duckduckgo are some examples of search engine

In closing:
The content available on internet
✅ Is display to the users with the help of browser, In browser you enter the url
✅ Find out with the help of search enginen , In search engine you enter the key words or phrase

That's wrap up

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