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Programming Roadmap: from Beginners to Advanced

The most common question of beginners in programming is how to become an advanced programmer. Creating a programming roadmap from beginners to advanced levels involves a long continuous process of learning new skills and knowledge. Here's a roadmap you can follow if you are a beginner:

Beginner Level:

Learn Programming Concepts:

Start learning the basic fundamentals of programming logic, variables, data types, and basic control structures like loops and conditionals. This is the first step you can follow.

Choose a Beginner-Friendly Language:

Do some research about what is beginner-friendly language and which language most of the industry experts suggest to beginners. Starting with Python or JavaScript is the best choice because both are versatile and widely used.

Building Small Projects:

Start learning and applying your programming knowledge in building small and simple projects.

Web Development Technologies:

Learn the widely used technologies as a beginner. Start with HTML and CSS for front-end development.

Intermediate Level:

Data Structures and Algorithms:

Start learning and studying about data structures and algorithms. Study arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, sorting and searching.

Advanced Programming Concepts:

Go further to learn the object-oriented programming concept, design patterns, and software architecture.

Intermediate Projects:

Apply your intermediate level of knowledge in building some complex projects to enhance your analytical and problem-solving skills.

Version Control (Git):

Start learning Git for version control and collaborate on projects using platforms like GitHub or GitLab.

Databases and SQL:

Study how the Database works and how they use SQL for updation, deletion, modification, storing, and retrieving data.

Advanced Level:

Choose a Specialization:

Now, the most important is deciding a specialization based on your interests and career goals. YOu can choose web development, mobile app development, AI, data science, or machine learning.

Advanced Level of programming skill:

Become proficient in any of the programming languages such as C++, Java, and Python.

Frameworks and Libraries:

Learn popular frameworks and libraries such as React or Angular.

Advanced-Data Structures and Algorithms:

Learn more advanced data structures such as trees, graphs, hash tables, and complex algorithms.

Build Real-World Projects:

Start building complex real-world projects to demonstrate your skills as a pro developer.

Learn Advanced level of Deployment and Cloud Services:

Learn how to deploy applications and use cloud services like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

Remember maintaining a growth mindset and continually challenging yourself can make you a skilled and advanced programmer. Also, continuous learning is the simplest path to success.

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Starter guide for beginners who are starting their career in software background.👍