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App For Jira In Need of Support

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I'm very excited to have found this community and see a lot of others already feel the same way. I'm not a developer but a learning professional who spent a large portion of his career supporting IT, data analytics, and other tech-focused departments in large corporations. Think business analysts, software developers, the test center of excellence, PMO, etc.

To make a long story short, three years ago I founded my own learning company with the focus of providing technology solutions for learning professionals specifically. The team I've worked with over that time produced some top-notch work, but unfortunately, our lead developer needs to step away due to personal matters.

We are currently holding off on building new solutions, but we have one just about ready to go that integrates into Atlassian’s Jira platform. (The only thing we are still working on is a formatting issue regarding page breaks for printing.)

Because it would be irresponsible to release an app into the Atlassian marketplace without the ability to support it, I’m currently looking for an individual who is interested in acting as the point of contact to execute the responsibilities of our SLA. (Normal work hours 9-5 M-F)

I do not anticipate this requiring significant time nor am I looking for someone to add new features and functionality, but like I said, I know better than to just release an app (no matter how well built), into the world without support. Of course, interested individuals can inspect the code base after signing the necessary confidentiality agreements.

Thus, if you or someone you know is looking for supplemental income please reach out. As you can imagine we built it in React (duh) and it utilizes Material UI as its framework.

Thank you all,

Chris Straley

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