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re: Awesome project. I use Google drive for everything and now I'm giving a try to latex presentations just for code highlighting. I copied, pasted and...

Yeah, code blocks would be a great feature for programming presentations!

I just checked the demo, and it seems it is already there: beta.deckdeckgo.io/daviddalbusco/i...


Yes it is already there. We have built a Web Components around Prism therefore a lot of different type of codes are already recognized.

Moreover, if you want, you could display line numbers, highlight specific lines and style the content (color and basic font size).

You could also duplicate and move slides, so once you have styled one piece of code you could clone it and replace it with your other piece of codes (if you have many to display).

In the future we would like to improve the styling by supporting some "themes", specially for the colors, like palette of colors.

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