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Coronavirus Charts Site

Over the last week I have been working on this site about coronavirus to help visualise the way coronavirus is affecting the whole world. The charts get updated from data retrieved by scraping the web from sites like Johns Hopkins University and worldometers.

The site gets updated automatically (every 6 hours due to pipeline restrictions of the free version I am using) many times throughout the day as well as manually every few hours.

I will keep on adding features I think are necessary so you are more than welcome to add comments in the section bellow and I will try my best to add them if they seem necessary.

The site is quite responsive so you should be able to use it easily on any screen size mobile/tablet/desktop.

The two main pages the site has at the moment is visualising information on a daily basis and visualising total information. You can choose to see the information for the whole world and per country by selecting the corresponding country on the map.

I hope you find this site informative as the sole purpose of it is to help visualise this data I have managed to collect.

The web app has been built using VueJS, Vuetify for shared components and Google Charts for displaying the data.


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Nivedita Prasad

Please guide me how you made this webpage . Guide me , i want to know which source you used.

leandroskounadis profile image

Hi Nivedita , I have already listed the sources I have used. from there on I had to transform all data in order to feed the vue components accordingly