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Ball Python Recommender using...Python

This project started as a portfolio project for Codecademy's Computer Science Career Path. The goal of this project was to "build a basic recommendation program for a topic of your choice." I chose, rather than going "basic", to built something that would return optimal recommendations and that I could actually make use of in my small business (breeding ball pythons).

Purpose and Use:

The purpose of this program is to aid ball python breeders using the MorphMarket platform in putting together the best groups for customers based on their budget, desired traits, and number of snakes in a time efficient manner. This program by default is using an example inventory file from the Crescent Serpents MorphMarket shop (it is not current, the shop is now closed).

Welcome message and taking requirements for group

What the Program Can Do:

-Built groups of ball pythons from the shop based on a given budget and return the top 3 groups.
-Include specific numbers of males and females in the group.
-Trait Selection Options:
---Choose traits that ALL the snakes must have.
---Choose traits that snakes must have AT LEAST one of.
---Choose traits that must be in the final package but not every snake needs to have.
---Choose traits to exclude from the package.
-If in choosing a trait the user misspells the trait name, the program will attempt to spell check and return the closest match from the traits in stock.

Program working through lists of snakes in stock and returning top 3 groups

My ball python shop is now closed sadly, but I still greatly enjoyed building this project, and hopefully it can be of help to any other "python" lovers out there.

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