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Learning to get unattached

Laurence Ininda
Dotting the lines between work, life and play. Blogger and Dev. Working with Angular at the moment but have dipped my feet in React, Node.js.
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I recently joined a team working on an Angular project (more about that later) but also had to deal with trying to find a place to live. Yes, at the moment, I am a nomad who decided I would travel to different cities before I settle down somewhere later in the summer.

I recently had that feeling of having worked placed so much effort in learning something and finally have the opportunity to use this newly acquired skill. In my case, I was finally getting the hang of using NGRX for state management on an angular application until I realized that all of the state in the application I was working on was using Services and RXJS 🤯.

And because I very well understood how to use NGRX, it was compelling to see how others had implemented state management without the need for an external library. Needless to say, this was one place I needed to take a step back in order to be reminded that there's always more than one way to tackle a hurdle or issue.

As of now, I will have to delay my desire to have the ideal workstation, and learn how to develop in any space I environment as I travel to different places - and much of this will require a certain level of unlearning and establishing habits that help me become a better developer and person. I have taken to early morning runs/walks to break the monotony of my sun-light deprived room and bumped into this little gift:
At the Philadelphia Flower Show 2021 at FDR Park

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