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Why are you using remote shell? You need more CPU power or somethings?
My daily pc is a macbook, but if I need specifying os, software or configuration I'm using virtual machines - it's good enought in more cases.
If I need more cpus i'm of course using remote servers but only to run


I enjoy the continuity. Its always-on and it's accessible just as easily through my phone or a borrowed PC.


It doesn't appel to me. Remote shell must be accessible only when your pc is up.
And you really working using phone or borrowed pc?

Remote shell must be accessible only when your pc is up.

I'm sorry, I don't follow. Could you please rephrase?

Do I work regularly off of my phone? No. But I'm thankful that I have the option to monitor or control personal projects without dragging my laptop around.

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Are we "developers" gatekeeping "knowledge" from our juniors and peers? 🤦

The subconscious role we "senior developers" play, in preventing the spread of knowledge without us realizing. And stifling the growth of all around us.

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Not a speaker. Not a founder. Not an entrepreneur. Sysops is a dying breed.

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