Finding Github "Help Wanted" Issues

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Always searching the same handful of Github organizations looking for "Help Wanted" issues? Tired of finding out everything in the repository that needs help is in a language you can't hack-on confidently? Let's build a custom RSS feed with Github Actions to prowl for issues in known organizations and repos that host our languages.

  • Register for Github Actions if you haven't already.
  • Add a Github Actions secret called "TOKEN" with a personal access token scoped to write repo data
  • Fork this project
  • Make sure that Github Pages are enabled for your fork
  • You'll probably want to tweak the LANGUAGES and ORGS values at the top of, but maybe you're a bash/python/go hobbyist yourself.
  • After the first run completes you should have an RSS feed of interesting puzzles at https://$
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I'd love to know if this worked-out for anyone. Issues are enabled on the repo and I'd be tickled for a PR to fix any of the obvious problems.

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