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Solidify your JavaScript Knowledge with "Just JavaScript"

Hey peers!:)

A while ago I scrolled through Dan Abramov's Blog and found something very valuable:

Just JavaScript

Just JavaScript is Dan Abramov's newest project for people who like to learn more about the underlying principles of JavaScript to solidify their mental models of how it works and how things are implemented.

It's structured in lots of small lessons, that get e-mailed to you bit after bit, consisting of detailed explanations followed by exercises to solidify the newly gathered knowledge

I'm just through lesson #04, but I'm already in love with Dan's fantastic style of explaining things through physical alliterations and fantastic illustrations like this:

An explanation of values and expressions relative to your code

I cannot recommend this course enough. So, if you (like me) are struggling sometimes when it comes to the principles of JS or you're just curious why 0.1 + 0.2 === 0.3 is false in JavaScript, just sign up for it!

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