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Peter Street

I was there - worked for three companies, was made redundant from all of them, set up my own company three months before 9/11 and went bust, worked office, worked in a small company that walked all over me... finally have got a career path going after moving on and making my own way. Still suffer from imposter syndrome, still have to repeat to myself what I've managed to achieve over the past 20 years (Dynamics CRM - everything! .NET from beta, including XAML transforming sites that were 'Responsive' before that was a term, DevOps engineer pushing a full MicroServices stack to AWS with a complete CI/CD pipeline with custom hosting for internal environments, and more) in order to believe in myself.

And more than the above... Father. Husband. Worthwhile person. Thanks for this article, it's something everyone needs to be said to them at times — and hopefully, will encourage people to look for rewarding, fulfilling work. It's out there, and when you get it, it's amazing!