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Why I'm focusing on learning Rails

I know what you're probably already saying: "Laz, don't spend your mental energy on ON that". But here is my reasons why.

It's helping me understand the larger, and more heavy frameworks.

Last year, I focused on learning Laravel. And even though the documentation, tutorials, and Stack Overflow answers were very helpful I didn't really get the full grasp of it. The distraction-free code of ruby keeps the core concepts of the large frameworks but allows beginners like me to fully understand them.

It's not dead yet

People keep telling me "Lazar, learn something like {{insert_framework_here}}, no need to learn Rails". But I tend to disagree. It's not like I am resting my future career on Rails, or that is what I expect to get a job in. But I've asked many developers, "Is ruby on rails dead?" So far the answer is no.

It's great for prototyping

What I like about rails, is you can write an application in a weekend.
It's scalable, as any developer will tell you, and due to the number of gems, you can take a prebuilt module approach.

As you see...

So, it might not be the language that's going to get me into silicon valley, but I think it's something that will help me in my future.


I also got a twitter account recently! @lazar1134

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