I am a 14 year old code hobbyist and blogger, Ask Me Anything!

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I started out coding 4 years ago, going on 5 now. I didn't fall in love with programming right away because it looked like math, but after I realized what it really was about, I got hooked though when I got my first laptop about a year later. It is (i still use it) a small acer aspire netbook with 16 gigs. Boy, was using that hard! I started off with Javascript, but now I use C++, Python, Groovy, Java/Kotlin, C#, ReactNative, Flutter(dart), Smalltalk, and Go. Anyway, go ahead, ask me anything!

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That's pretty cool, man. I'd say I'm a 17 years old code hobbyist, but I just started coding two years and a half ago. Anyway, what's your favorite field in programming? Web Development, Android/IOS development, Game Development, etc?


Well, I would have to say that's a really tough question. I love web development, today I was trying to deploy my Laravel website on the dark web... still working on it.

On the other hand, I love building games and modding games.

I am going to have to say though my favorite (and this is going to sound weird) is writing command-line programs and bash scripts for my computer.

Yeah... I get that look alot when I say that.


Alright, that's quite unexpected, but very interesting tough. I can't deny it, CLI programs and bash scripts are really great for automation and other stuff. They're very useful, so I think I can understand your point.

Yeah, I have a joke in my house that my computer almost runs by itself because of all the bash scripts I have on it. It is great for just making my life easier.


How did you begin coding? i.e., what language?


I began coding in javascript, then moved onto python.


Nice! I began in Scratch, moved on to HTML, then to CSS, then JS, then Python, and I’m still learning! 😇

i totally skipped over scratch because I thought i didn't need to do block based first. I am actually messing with lua right now because I am doing modding with minetest. But we are all still learning!


A man of class, I see. :D

Glad to see someone exploring some FOSS game out here in dev.to.

Minetest is amazing! Not for the gameplay, I'm not that into video games, I just love the whole experience of being able to mod it to no end. Which is why I chose Minetest, because even though you can mod Minecraft, I can get really deep and dirty in the source code.


Hi Lazar, well done to you! What would be your best advice to fellow 13-16 year olds who find it hard to get their head around programming?


Sorry I took so long getting back to you, I am in the middle of hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas right now, so things have been busy...

I would say mess around with programming. I am always trying out new programming languages, checking out operating systems, building games, websites... I also watch a TON of tutorials, even if I don't understand them, I just watch them to see other techniques.

My last piece of advice, stay focused and start off simple.

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