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Visiting Google’s Office

The Google’s Munich Office

Google is the house of innovation and a dream company of many folks, especially in TECH. I heard a lot about Google's office and how nice they are. In this post, I will share with you my impressions of Google's Munich office.

The visit

To visit Google's office, you need to be invited or attend an event happening in the company. You will receive an identification ID to walk into the building. I was invited by a software engineer from Google who was responsible for me and accompanied me during the whole visit. This was great because I would get lost in this huge building without guidance.

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I heard that this office has approximately 500-700 employees. Also, 80% of employees work in software development. Those are the following areas which those teams are working on:

  • Chrome tool
  • Security and Privacy
  • Engineering and productivity tools
  • Internal tools

The building

The building is H U G E. The engineer who was accompanying me told me that took him three months to stop getting lost in the building. I was lucky to have someone with me to show me the way.

If you are wondering where is the office, Google's Munich office is located at Erika-Mann-Straße 33. If you are driving by public transportation, the nearest metro station is the München Donnersbergerbrücke. It's a very central location! Now, let's talk about the office's delicious food...

The food

There are two restaurants in the building. The food is of high quality. In the menu, we had fried chicken, fish, soya balls, and salads. Also, you could get your own wok plate. Everything was very fresh and prepared in front of us.

And because it is summer, we even had the chance to have ice cream 🍦

Besides the restaurants, Google's Munich office has its own rooftop Cafe. Not only the coffee was delicious, but we also had Käseschmarrn and some Tiramisu there. Also, you have access to nice drinks like tea, juices, beer, and a variety of snacks too.

You know what they say

Out of sight, out of mind

So imagine you can only see the healthy options, would it make it easy for you to make better decisions?! Google's office design takes this to another level. The refrigerators are designed to show healthy choices and hide the unhealthy ones.

Image description

Rooms and Office Decoration

The building has a lot of rooms for all tastes. Some rooms are inspired by the local metro stations like the Candidplatz room, for example, inspired in the U-Bahnhof Candidplatz.

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In the Munich office, you can also find Obatzda room named after a Bavarian delicacy, Marienplatz named after the central square of Munich and they even have their own Google Straße which means Google Street in German.

Google street

What do you think? I love the idea!!! ❤️

Also, the building has room for almost everything one can wish for:

  • Sleep and nap 😴
  • Massage and relax 🧘🏻‍♀️
  • Breastfeed 🤱
  • Biophilia room with lots of plants 🌱
  • Video games and boarding games 🕹
  • Library room 📚
  • Cooking room 🥨
  • Music room to learn piano, guitar, etc 🎸
  • Fitness studio 🏃🏻‍♀️

It REALLY feels like you are in some sort of paradise! 🤩


The building recycles 2.409 million liters of rainwater per year. Also, each open office and pretty much everywhere has trash cans with a separation system.

Image description

Seems simple but I've never been in an office where also the open office had such a thing. 🤔

One interesting thing is that if you need anything hardware related you can buy it directly from a machine located in Google's office, so no need to ask for someone to buy it for you and wait many days till it arrives.

There is also a place with free things that the employees leave there for other employees. Who does not love free stuff?! I even got a nice keyboard. Great stuff!


Visiting such an office was a joy! I hope you enjoyed the text and if you have any questions about Google's office, feel free to drop here!

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