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Hi Tom,

Thanks for writing this post. I found it really interesting. I've been studying for the Big Data one, as I'm a solution Architect who focuses on the data side, and will be taking it in March or April.

  • I was wondering apart from using AWS and having hands on experience, is there any theory or docs on the theroy part that you used (there's no official study guide book)?

  • I've been focusing more on the theory around these services:
    For collection (Kinesis streams/firehose), storage (S3/Dynamodb), processing (EMR/SageMaker/Lambda/Glue), Analysis (ES Kibana/Redshift/Athena), Visualization (Quicksight) and security (IAM/KMS/Cloudtrail).

Did you focus on more or any specific services in more detail?

Thanks for your insight.


Hi Lawrie,

I used the courses on Big Data Speciality preparation course on the acloud.guru/ site. There is a similar course on Linux Academy. To be honest, I couldn't imagine how you could pass the exam without the help of one these courses.

You have a good list there. In addition, the cloud guru and linux academy courses also cover off (SQS, IoT, Data Pipeline, AWS ML (multiclass v binary v regression models). I didn't get any questions myself on IoT or Data Pipeline but that doesn't mean you shouldn't study it.

Do you know that the Big Data exam will be closed off in April and replaced by the Data Analytics exam?


It may be worth waiting for this one and new courses to come online instead of pursuing the Big Data exam.



Hi Tom,

Thanks a lot for your reply and helpful links.


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