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What's your job title? What do you do?

lavie_encode profile image Nicole Archambault ・1 min read

Hey #DEVcommunity folks out there with tech jobs:

  1. What's your job title?

  2. Could you summarize what you do in your day-to-day job?

I originally posted this as a tweet (which still has some great responses coming in!) but figured this is a good group to consult as well :)

Thanks and looking forward to learning from the responses!

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Dan Waters

I am a Senior Support Specialist (2nd/3rd line) for a mobile delivery software company. I have been there for 8 years now, working up from a Customer Support Engineer. My day to day involves investigating cases that are raised by the customers, usually by writing SQL scripts to interrogate the databases, trying to extract the truth from the person raising the case, and then explaining the issue is a user error without using the phrase "User Error".

In the past, I have been a developer, writing in Visual Basic 6, embedded Visual C++, Magic and RPG400, and have been looking for something for some side projects.

I have recently found Go and written a couple of apps in that to help me learn the language. Seems I have been leaning towards medical applications, as a re-wrote an app for calculating Dialysis QA evaluations, and then an eGFR calculator. I have found that it has meant I have had to dig into re-learning HTML, CSS and Java as well, so I can present some sort of front-end to other users to view my output. Bit of a learning curve, but have been really enjoying the challenge, to be honest, I had missed challenging my brain to work out how to do something obscure.

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Kristopher Johnson

I am a Senior Software Developer. I first got a title with the word “Senior” in the mid-90’s, and since then I’ve had variants like Senior Software Engineer and Principal Engineer, but the work associated with those titles has been the same.

Like any developer, I spend most of my day designing, writing, debugging, and testing code. Sometimes I assist operations or support personnel with an issue, or directly assist a customer with a problem. I am in meetings with management and customers. I provide help to other developers, both senior and junior.

As a Senior, I have more input and influence over team processes and other design than Junior developers do. I have served as a Team Lead a few times, but I really don’t like being a manager and prefer to be a Worker To Whom People Listen.

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Cédric Beuzit • Edited

I'm currently senior project manager (PM) in startup incubator business (similar to outsourcing, but different). I usually assume roles of team lead (TL, scrum master etc. where scrum applies), but also very often, tech lead (I am a tech PM, used to be software engineer and CTO as well), product owner (PO) when they don't do their job or when projects lack one, and also quality check (QC), same, when they suck or when teams are too small to have one. Sometimes, I even have to do DevOps stuff (IT and infrastructure stufs, just that). I also review code and merge or deploy stuff, but rarely do code myself nowadays :(

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My job title is "software developer" if you ask HR.

I write code, mentor others in writing code, design new services/systems, deal with support escalations, advise/mentor our devops team, help PMs organise the workload, help Programme Management plan long term forecasts, do contract negotiations with 3rd parties and plan out-of-house training for the dev team.

Work is work...

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Dan Conn

I'm a developer, but previously I've been software engineer, 3rd line support engineer, technical developer, java developer and a few more variations.

They all have been in different sectors building different things, but the overarching theme has been building something for someone else by teasing out of them what they actually want. It's a lot of fun!