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How to improve your clicking speed?

lavaerica1 profile image Lavellette Erica ・1 min read

Well in order to improve your clicking speed first you have to measure your clicking speed. So first thing first, go to CPS Counter
to analyze your mouse and spacebar clicking speed. There are multiple tools with several time durations in order to get you desired job done.
Open any analyzer tool with any time duration, 5 seconds test and 10 seconds are most commonly used and loved by thousand of gamer to test their mouse button click speed.
Click on start button to start your speed test, upon timer starts, start pressing the button as fast as you can until the time runs out. A new window will be popped up containing your click score results, after timer stopped. There would be two types of result shall be shown, 1: total number of clicks you have performed. 2: your average clicking speeds with proportionate to clicks per second (which is calculated by total number of clicks divided by total number of seconds i.e. your selected time duration for that particular test).
In order to improve your clicking speed, all you need is to practice more and more with these provided tools using different time intervals.
Just give it a try while having fun.

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