Wich Linux distro am I running?

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Once I was a Linux Newbie too, and I struggled my self to answer such a frivolous question, so here I have put all these lines of code together, so you won’t need to open 7 tabs and try to figure out which one has the key to get that coveted knowledge. This are many methods, so I can asure you that at least one will work on your PC.

Let’s jump right into the code:

gcc --version
uname -a
lsb_release -a
lsb_release -irc
lsb_release -ds
cat /etc/issue*
cat /proc/version
cat /etc/*-release

Well, I hope that this has helped to let you know which Linux distro are you running. Remember that you can approach me by email or through Telegram. Keep learning kiddo!

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