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MVC or Model-View-Controller

MVC: Desing pattern use in software engineering for developing user interfaces.

We are going to divide in each part.

The "model" represents the data and the business logic of an application.
The "view" is responsible for rendering the data from the model into a user interface.
The "controller" handles user input and updated the model and the view accordingly.

The benefits of using the MVC pattern:

  • Separations of concerns: By separating the application into three distinct components, it is easier to manage and maintain the code.

  • Modularity: Each component can be developed and tested independently, allowing for greater flexibility and easier debugging.

  • Reusability: The same model and controller can be used with multiple views, allowing for greater code reuse and reducing duplication.

  • Scalability: The MVC pattern is well-suited for large, complex applications, as it allows for easier management and organization of the code.

Hope someone found it useful.


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