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How i became a Lead-developer

I would like to talk about my experience to become a Lead-developer. In fact, I didn't see the thing coming. I went through many experiences and projects, and project after project, in a slowly way, i came to say my thoughts and tell people advice to handle situations. One day, project manager take me 'officially' on top of the team, and I realize it. The only problem, at the time, I didn't put a word on this role, so i kind just 'did' what i can about it.
At the time, I would have liked someone to give me some advice, because my first experience i made mistakes, and I wasn't conscious at the time that role could have influence on people. Since 3 years, someone else has the same role, and it's really helpful to daily discuss.

What about you? Did someone give you some advice? Or it was just a natural and logical thing to become a lead-dev?

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