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Being a deaf/hard-of-hearing developer in tech industry

Hello, world! Not tech-related topic but, for those devs who have hearing difficulties, I have a question for you.

What are the challenges you faced in the tech industry during the pandemic?

I would love to hear your stories in the discussion section below :)

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Paul Kei

Working remotely stopped me from being permanently anxious about mishearing people or not hearing them at all. Hearing aids make it difficult to follow normal face-to-face conversations - no matter how loud you hear people talking to you, you won't hear them clearly enough. One of the worst and frustrating and humiliating things I tried - and failed - to avoid... is asking to repeat over and over and still not getting what they said though they were almost screaming, and I'd absolutely have to pretend I finally got it, though I didn't and this is how I'd miss critical information and assignments, and then made others think I was mentally challenged. In pre-remote days, things like this would happen EVERY. DAY. Now that 90% of communication is text-oriented and the rest is voice calls when I can put my headphones on without hearing aids - gosh, it's like another planet, life without seeing conversations with coworkers as a threat