What's One Thing You Wish You Knew Before Starting A Career In Tech?

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If you were asked this what would be your response?


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The University is a waste of time and resource. Most of the teachers are unable to do a single program while they feel entitled to teach you how the world works.

Also, the Universities, in general, teaches you topics that are not even related to the IT world, for example, math.


The computer world and conventional maths are completely unrelated. Conventional math is focused on formulas and to try to express the world using it, while the computer world is based on tabular information.

Also, the expressions are different.


x=x+1 is a nonsense.


x=x+1 is a counter

Math (summation)

Σx // where X could be some expression.


sum=0; for(i=0;i<100;i++) { sum=sum+x[i]; } // where x is an array with values.


It seems like University is justified by saying it teaches people how to learn, but I've met plenty of graduates who struggle to take the next step and start using initiative to figure out complex problems rather than relying on source code/tutors etc.

I used to think Maths would be quite important in software/web development but from the last few years working in the industry I can't say I've ever needed to do any massively complex math. I've needed to do complex logic but that seems to be more common sense/experience based over complex equations.


It seems like University is justified by saying it teaches people how to learn,

Exactly but it is another bs preached by the universities!. We learn (ahem) to how to think during the imprinting, around at the age of 5-10 years. So it is the reasons why the universities pick the best ones. So, they are picking smart guys, and then they say "we will teach you how to think" They are doing a really lazy job.
I won't say that I didn't learn a thing at my University, but I would have learned the same in a week, not in years.


I was going to write the same but you were faster haha. I'm a tester today an I didn't have to go to a university.


Well, I feel you on this I didn't learn anything practical on software engineering even though I have a degree in Computer Science.


All the paths I could take and the fact that I can learn on my own for free but I just have to be diligent and focus on one end goal! I'm still struggling to stick to one path and trying not to do too much... There's so much to learn and it's overwhelming!


When ppl say learn one language (you like ) and stick to it they are not kidding. Dont reveal a lot in group interviews, people arent kind.Learn what Agile is lol. IT industry is very busy.You need tough skin working in a man's world, so that's not just the IT industry to be fair. There are people that dont care for emotions, infact they might even pretend to care for emotions.


You won't be surrounded by experts that always know what they're doing.

In fact there will be so much guesswork going on you'd better stop being embarrassed by that soon.


everything takes forever
work on things taking as quickly as possible