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Nevertheless, Gift Coded

Gift Egwuenu
Frontend Engineer and Content Creator. I'm passionate about making the web accessible to everyone and also an advocate for building open-source software and developer communities.
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I love the #SheCoded initiative from DEV and I've been involved for 4 years now. I just looked up what I shared in 2018, 2019, 2020, and I'm very happy to see my growth in this industry.

Well, this year is no different. I'm quite happy with what I've done so far even with the obstacles and challenges that I face every day.

My most recent achievement was when I got the award for MVP in developer technologies from Microsoft MVP Program.

This was a huge deal for me because it makes me feel like the work I put into creating value for developers is being recognized and celebrated.

Advocating for myself means always showing up, putting my work out there as I've learned if you don't advocate for yourself no one else will.

"Put yourself and your work out there every day and you'll start meeting some amazing people." — Bobby Solomon

My biggest goal is to be the best version of my version in everything I do. In my work as a developer, in contributing back to the community and navigating my passion for content creation.

My advice for allies to support underrepresented folks who code is:

I love being in Tech and I'm excited to do even more as long as I'm here!

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Michael Hungbo

Your stories are so inspiring, Gift! I love your amazing works and you're a big inspiration and model for me. Wishing you many more greater things in your career!

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Gift Egwuenu Author

Thank you, Michael!