How to Configure Cross Posting?

lauragift21 profile image Gift Egwuenu ・1 min read

I need help figuring this out. A while ago I remember setting up this feature on Dev that allows me add the link to my originally published post. As seen in the image below.

Alt Text

Right now it doesn't seem to work even after adding my article as the Canonical URL.

Will appreciate any help or pointers with this. 🙏


Editor guide

You can set it with canonical_url: https://url.domain.com (details: dev.to/p/editor_guide)

I believe that updating posts may take some time before the canonical URL link will show up in the interface 😄


Thanks Tyler. I have canonical url set for the article in question. But I guess it might take time to show up on the interface not sure why though.


I looked into this again now that it's been a few days and my post wasn't updated.

Based on this issue it seems that you have to use an RSS feed to display that information in properly.

Thanks Tyler. I find it strange because I already have RSS setup. Some of my old posts have this feature I guess I'll do some investigating.


I've used Settings > Publishing From RSS to pull from Medium but noticed when pulling the feed sometimes its a little behind. Other times its instant.


Thanks Amara. I also have that setting on not sure why it's not working on my end.