How I Moved My Blog To Forestry CMS

Gift Egwuenu on January 21, 2019

Here's a quick disclaimer. I use what works best for me, there are several other ways to write content for your blog. what matters to me is how to ... [Read Full]
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I also discovered this setup a few days ago and I'm currently using Netlify CMS and Forestry CMS together.... I access forestry from their site while netlify from /admin. I did talk about it a little here. I still think Forestry is the best JAMStack CMS... I don't find need for Contentful CMS


Thanks for the post!

I use it for the blog of my company and it works well ( specialy for the none tech writer)

My only complain, the preview can take too much time to build :/

Maybe you have a trick ?


Previews are much faster now, they usually take less than 5s to show up.


Right. I also have a problem with how long I have to wait to preview. For now, I don't have any trick for that but I'll be sure to update this if I find anything useful. :)


This is pretty cool! I checked out Forestry a while back (2 years ago) when it was still pretty young and it was good then but didn't have all the features it has now! easily writing content for static blogs has always been a turn off for me... I used to use but now I'll definitely give forestry another spin.

Great write up!


Thanks Emmanuel. I totally agree I tried stackedit too recently. Quite a good solution but I feel forestry really just helps me do most of my work.

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