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Building A Killer Personal Brand

Gift Egwuenu on June 09, 2019

Originally Published on my Blog I gave a talk at the International Women's Day event at Women Tech Makers Ajah, Lagos and I've decided to turn tha... [Read Full]
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Very useful article, i enjoyed reading it. Thank You!


This was a great article and you summed the process up really well ! Thanks for reminding us of the benefits of actually building our brand because sometimes we get so caught up in the how-tos that we forget why we’re even doing it in the first placeπŸ‘ŒπŸΏ


Thank you so much for informative article, it was a very good read!


Great article, Gift! I think you're living these ideas and it's beautiful to see!


Thanks for sharing. I need to definitely get consistent, and do the 12m plan. 😁


Excellent post, Egwuenu!

I, too, am inspired πŸ‘


Thanks for the article, it's a great help. One thing I spotted: "I've found that having a brand for yourself makes that process a tad bit stressful." -> is that meant to say less stressful?


What do you mean by "define boundaries" & "professional headshots" in 12 Month Strategy ?


Define boundaries here simply means you setting out a plan for things you are willing to do and things you are not comfortable with. And professional headshot is just a picture of yourself that can be used on your social platforms.

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