Any Marvel Fans here?

lauragift21 profile image Gift Egwuenu ・1 min read

I recently saw Spiderman far from home and I must say it's a really good movie. I enjoyed every part of it except the end of course 🙄

I'll like to know what you think about this movie 🙂

⚠️ Spoiler alert - If you don't want to see any spoilers then exit this post. friendly advice 🙂


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I can’t wait to see FFH!

Spidey has always been my favorite hero.

I really really hope they do a bunch more sequels to the animated Spider-verse movie.


I still just loved how the "spiderverse" looked a lot like the universe but...webbed. Top notch.


Along with the comics I absolutely loved the 90s animated Spider-Man show.

IMO there hadn’t been many great animated shows since. Part of me knows that there’s some nostalgia here but Spider-verse really knocked it out of the park in a return to animation.

Every here fits this format. I’d love to see x-men and others go this route.

I'm a total newcomer to the genre (read: boring child) and Spiderverse blew me away in a way I wasn't prepared for. I'm very much on board for more in that vein.

The outlook for different movie paths is kind of complicated because Disney owns Marvel, but Marvel had previously licensed some of the franchises. So Sony owns Spidey and 20th Century Fox owns X-Men and some others, but Dinsey bought 20th Century Fox and Sony licensed Spider-man back for use in Avengers etc. but solo Spider-Man films are still a Sony production I believe and the animated stuff is more Sony-vertical.

The standalone Venom movie was also a Sony spin-off from their Spider-Man rights.

I just want to see well-done comic movies and they’ve delivered big-time lately.


"Spider Man: Into the spider verse" was great!!!


Movie was a good one for me. I really love Spiderman.

I'm just amazed about the part where those drones were used to create an effect as real as that to deceive people and even cause real life damage and wonder if that kind of stunt could be pulled off in real life 🤔


I found it... okay :-(

I like Tom Holland as Spiderman and Zendaya's character is the funniest revision of MJ but I think I need a pause from Marvel movies for a while.

I was disappointed in Endgame as well but I might be trying to apply standards too high to blockbuster movies :D


Same I love MJ's character


Love it, especially when Iron man theme music is on with Peter is in Tony mode, reminds me so much of Tony. And I went home doing a movie marathon night of Ironman again ❤️


I should do one of those too. Watch reruns of Iron man.


Loved Spiderverse! Have not seen Far From Home yet, or even Endgame (eek) so I'll have to check out this thread later.


Ahh!! No end game yet? Why are you still waiting 😢


...in fact I waited so long it's not in theaters anymore... 😭

I'll have to wait for the extended version to come back...

I know it's available on Netflix.


I didn't like how rushed Mysterio's origin story was, but other than that, it was pretty good. The character interaction, especially the school kids, was definitely the highlight of the movie for me!


Jarvis! let's get this done today. :)


In general I like Marvel stuff. But ultimately I'm more into FOX developed marvel series and movies. Legion is very cool.


It was really good 😄👏 I wonder about how they will keep his identity secret. I read a comment they might get dr.strange to whipe everyone's memory lol.