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Shapr, the networking secret of successful founders

Are you planning to connect with relevant people in your field? Would you like to reach the top people in your industry? Get investment, get advice? There's a small French app that covers all of this with an extremely growing following.

The app is called Shapr and we, at use it a lot. We have had several clients in the past from the application and we get relevant leads all the time. It also has a really friendly vibe and people are generally trying to help each other with a giving mindset.

There's a saying "Your network is your net worth". I would add that your active/organic network is what really matters and apps like Shapr enhance that.
It creates super niche groups of people that have something (or a lot of things) in common and lets them vote for each other by a Tinder-style left or right swipe.

It's the same effect as when founders drop off into a foreign city and try to reach other people from their home country. This is a very noticeable action in China that I've noticed when I was there. People build a way stronger rapport/connection because they are a part of a small group and a basic level of survival instinct kicks in.

There are some unsaid etiquettes

You need to be careful with some things that aren't written anywhere but can undermine your success on the platform:

Don't advertise

The Shapr community really hates if you advertise when sending your first message. The app is all about organically making connections and not just about snake oil salesmen trying to sell their product to the masses. Try to ask for advice, ask how you can help and in case your service can help the person, tell them you are XYZ owning / working for this company that solves their issue. You will have a bigger conversion rate, I guarantee you.

Help first, ask second

Have a giving mindset, try to help others out, ask them directly how you can be helpful in their life or career. They will appreciate it a lot and probably give you the same advice later on.

Purchase Shapr premium if you want to sell better

With premium, you can "fly" to the regions you want to sell to and make relevant connections. It also has a feature that shows you to way more people than usual which will maximize your reach and sales. If you have a website, put it on your profile page and lots of people will actually click it. Take it as an ad that needs your interaction too but way more relevant than any other type.

Use it

Yeah, you read it right. Just start using it and see how you like it after a few weeks. I doubt you will want to uninstall it if you are a business owner.

Download the apps for iOS / Android


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