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React 18 hooks

While exploring the React 18 documentation, I stumbled upon some fantastic new hooks that elevate the coding experience. Thought of sharing in case it proves beneficial for you!

  1. useId: This hook generates unique IDs for the components, making sure the markup stays in sync on both client and server sides.

  2. useDeferredValue: Optimize the app's performance by deferring non-critical updates during state transitions. Smooth sailing for the users!

  3. useTransition: Take control of loading states with ease. Manage asynchronous operations and keep the users in the loop with loading indicators.

  4. useSyncExternalStore: Ideal for state management libraries, this hook syncs the app's state with external data sources, ensuring smooth sailing with concurrent rendering.

  5. useInsertionEffect: CSS-in-JS made easy! Dynamically insert styles into your DOM without breaking a sweat.

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