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How to remove the falsy value attribute from object

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Sometimes we want to remove null, empty, undefined, false value attribute from an object. we can do this using the below method.

const removeFalsyElement = object => {
  const newObject = {};
  Object.keys(object).forEach(key => {
    if (object[key]) {
      newObject[key] = object[key];
  return newObject;
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assume my object like this

const myObject = {
  withValue: "have some value",
  withNumber: 1234,
  nullValue: null,
  undefinedValue: undefined,
  emptyValue: "",
  falseValue: false
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and want to return those attribute which has actual value.

// output: Object { withValue: "have some value", withNumber: 1234 }
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Shihab Abrar Hossain • Edited

Try this:

let output = Object.entries(myObject).reduce((a,[k,v]) => (v == null ? a : (a[k]=v, a)), {});