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Discussion on: Roast my site

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Larizza Tueros
  • I like the text effect of the introduction and the font family for the title but it's too much for the lines. Instead use Righteous,cursive for the lines;

  • When no results are found the page jumps to the top. You can prevent this if you put a div with some padding and the default text that everyone already told you about.

  • Padding is your friend to create breath and space! Decrease the margin of product cards and add more padding (mainly on the top/bottom) to it. If you do it it's going to look off, that's because you had to put top:0 to the ProductCards Content

  • Add more padding (x) to the introduction on mobile

  • Add more margin (y) to the ProductCards on mobile.

I'm enamored with the logo and the header.