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Larasati Nugroho
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Why I Use AWS Cloud9 IDE to Practice Bash ...

I never typed anything in shell or terminal before

So, when I follow the 6-Month Cloud Bootcamp

the first step required me to learn Bash

and I was perplexed.

These are a few tutorials that I watch to learn Bash:

Source recommended by Bootcamp itself

A Top bash scripting from Freecodecamp

But I'm stressful about the IDE to write down the Bash itself

I do ...

  • use Windows OS
  • work every day for a minimum of 9 hours day - making me frequently have to code on my company's computer
  • broke - so $1 for you could afford me a day of meal

So I need an IDE that could be accessed by any computer, free, and easy UX experience will be plus plus plus (+).

I have tried ...

  1. the hardest way (for me) - use VirtualBox and install Ubuntu. I need to install and reinstall software on my laptop and company's computer. Did experience forgot password, problem was solved, but very bad experience for myself. Please tell me if you experience otherwise.

  2. CodeSpace. Ok, but my company's wifi did not support it. The loading takes way too much time that I lose motivation.

  3. I did try to use WSL, install second OS Linux on my Windows. and to be honest I never use it anymore after first installation. as far as I remember it is about the password - again.

So here's what I think, I am already comfortable with AWS SSO and use some of AWS service.

Does AWS have an IDE?

And I stumbled upon this video when learning Terraform ...


It is free, easy simple UX, could be accessed by any computer from a single link with AWS SSO.

I do highly recommended SSO. You might be notice I am a loser when it comes to password, but believe me after the hard part of SSO installation, you will save a lot of time, brain memory, and less energy drain.

So far, I don't have any big problem with Cloud9. It may seems like basic, but that what I ask for. Basic IDE for me to practice Bash.

That's all and thank you. Hope it helps.

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