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Scala Scripting Samples

Carlos Kassab
I love machine learning and Vanessa Mae's music. I develop in R, I getting into Scala as my new ML language.
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What is Scala Scripting Samples?

This is a project to show samples about how we can create the great Scala programming language as an scripting language.

The purpose is to show the examples in Linux and in Windows.

There are already 9 examples for each OS.

Another purpose is to go directly to the point of the example and avoiding talking to much.

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Crosson David

I became a fan of scala scripting in particular thanks to ammonite which is probably the best approach thanks to its hability to load dependency at runtime.
I've written and shared a large set of examples as public gists (and snippets for my company ) using a dedicated software : code-examples-manager.

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Carlos Kassab Author

Thank you for sharing :)