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Discussion on: Is linux good enough for everyday programming?

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Carlos Kassab

I am using an HP Pavilion dm4 I bought in 2010, it has an i5 second generation, these are the full features:

The only change I have done is, I increased memory to 8GB and installed a 500GB SSD.

I have installed CentOS 7 with XFCE and all of this:

  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • ATOM Editor(It seems it works faster than VS Code)
  • Opera Web browser
  • Google Chrome for Netflix and PrimeVideo
  • Thunar file browser.
  • smplayer as music player.

The very good news is that with all of those apps open at the same time, my computer runs very fast and only consuming 3.1 GB ram.

This is, we do not need windows 10 nor the last computer in the market to have fun and work fine.

Even it runs on battery and works very good.