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Robot Framework - Run tasks using GithubActions

Submission for the DEV: GitHub Actions For Open Source 🍕🍝🥕

My Workflow

Continuous Integration (CI) workflow for running Robot Framework RPA (Robotic Process Automation) tasks.

Task (this is not implemented using actions) searches recipe from site and returns the number of search results. GitHub Action workflows handle following:

  • Basic CI (running tests for Pull Requests, commits to the main branch, and manually)
  • Recipe Bot: When someone opens an issue to a GitHub project, recipe search is triggered, Bot closes the issue, and posts number of results as a comment. Bot is implemented using existing Action Issue matching auto-closer.

Submission Category:

Maintainer Must-Have

Link to Code

GitHub logo laojala / rpa_challenge

GitHub Actions demo for Robot Framework RPA

Demo: Find number of recipes in website

Demo project for running Robot Framework tasks in Docker and in GitHub Workflows.


Demo is inspired by the Mimmit Koodaa RPA summer challenge 2020. Project is also a submission to a GitHub Actions Hackathon on DEV as it demonstrates usage of GitHub Actions.

Project demonstrates

  1. How to run Robot Framework Tasks using Docker without need to install Python and Robot Framework to a computer
  2. How to run Robot Framework Tasks in GitHub Workflow using GithubActions
    • Automated runs for commits in the main branch and pull requests. Action can be also triggered manually (configuration: .github/workflows/trigger_search.yml)
    • Run Tasks when a new issue is opened. Action uses issue title to search a recipe in and closes issue by commenting number of search results in a comment. This is the wacky wildcard submission for the Hackathon 🍕🍝🥕.

Run Tasks locally using

Additional Resources / Info

See also my other submission that implements similar CI for a Robot Framework project: Robot Framework - Configure CI using GitHub Actions. Both of these projects are intended as an example for someone who is building CI that runs Robot Frameworks tests/tasks.

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