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Troubleshooting K8s Ingress Issues

Most K8s resource creation failures are easy to debug, usually you can figure them out with either kubectl get or kubectl describe command on the failed resource.

However Ingress resources are often cluster-provider-specific, more often than not the errors are not explicit.

EKS Ingress Troubleshooting

kubectl get ingress doesn't show the ingress you just created

It might have been created in another namespace than you expected. Try again with --all-namespaces flag.

kubectl get ingress shows no ADDRESS after several minutes of resource creation

  1. Try the AWS official example:
kubectl apply -f
kubectl get ingress/ingress-2048 -n game-2048 --watch
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  1. If 1 works in a few minutes, the problem might be in your own manifest file.
  2. If no ADDRESS is assigned for 2048 either, try kubectl logs -n kube-system deployment.apps/aws-load-balancer-controller
  3. If the error message is Error from server (NotFound): deployments.apps "aws-load-balancer-controller" not found, follow to deploy the controller.

(Will add more contents for other providers later)



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