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LPW2019: Perl 6, losing your Perl 5 accent

This year I was able to attend the London Perl Workshop (LPW2019) once again.

I gave a talk titled “Perl 6, losing your Perl 5 accent” which is available at and the video will be available soon I think.

The talk is mainly around the idea that being a Perl 5 developer means that when I write Perl 6 it looks like Perl 5. I give some examples where I take Perl 5 and in some instances am able to run it directly in Perl 6. Then I modify the code to be increasingly Perl 6 styled.

I’m not a fan of the name change; basically because it seems noise that has delayed the progress of Perl6 development and caused division in the community. That said, meh change the name lets see what happens.

The conference itself was great with a new venue. The energy was great and the “vibe” felt positive. It was great to spend time with a bunch of colleagues and former colleagues.

Along with the talk on Perl 6, I did a little lightning talk about our attempt at rebooting the Perl Podcast over at I was also able to record a couple of interviews with people which I hope to put on the cast soon.

The podcast is a second attempt to reboot it. It’s harder than I expected so it the community can jump onboard and maybe join us and contribute to the repo:

Well, until next year, happy perling.

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