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London Perl Workshop – Perl6 Bailador Workshop

Hi all,

As some will be aware I am running a workshop on November 25th at the London Perl Workshop ( #lpw2017 ) on the Perl6/6lang web framework Bailador.

Bailador is a 6lang/Perl6 equivalent to the Perl5 Dancer framework. Bailador is a route based web framework.

I have been building a small web application on with Bailador to give me the steps to share on the workshop.

The workshop is a great day to attend if you work in software and/or on the web. There are talks on a wide range of subjects for techies. So if you have an interest do pop along, you can register for free at and if you want to you can sign up for my talk/workshop at

I hope you attend, please say hello to me if you do attend.


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