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WWDC2022: From MapKit Update, Insights the Future Hundred Billion Market


Feature overview

The annual Apple Developer Conference was held yesterday, and this time Apple brought a lot of interesting features, such as:

1 New CarPlay feature
2 M2 chip new energy upgrade
3 Editable lock screen
4 New application Freeform
5 Image AI functions such as cutout and text recognition
6 VR 3D map update

Future trends

At the press conference, Apple introduced many new features, such as the new CarPlay function, cutout, text recognition and other functions.

But if you think about it carefully, you will find that Apple's map update this time is unprecedented. Apple has spent a lot of manpower and material resources to make a 3D virtual map, which shows that Apple is in the next game of chess.

With the continuous improvement of network speed and device performance, our information has changed from initial text, to sound, to pictures, to today's video. What will be the future?

There are more and more signs that the future will be a virtual world, allowing everyone to experience the real interaction.

Facebook has already laid out the metaverse early, and Apple is now also cutting into the virtual world from the map. How do we catch up with this wave without being left behind by the giants.

Catch up with the giants

The Metaverse is a huge technology system, and 95% of companies cannot invest such human and material resources to develop Metaverse applications from scratch.

Is it true that these companies can only watch these giants take all the market away?

Through my search, I found that there are many technical service companies that have begun to develop metaverse technical support services.

Below I will introduce a company that is more interesting in this field.

The company started out doing audio and video technology. To build a metaverse, in addition to virtual characters and maps, audio and video communication technology is also essential to give life and vitality to the virtual world. Therefore, this company also naturally began to study the metaverse technology.

It is also quite difficult to find this company, I have seen a lot of their interesting videos on YouTube, such as:

  1. How to Use ZEGOCLOUD SDK to Implement Automatic Noise Suppression

  2. ZEGO Avatar, an Indispensable Key Piece of the Metaverse Puzzle

  3. What Can You do with ZEGOCLOUD’s Live Streaming Solution?

They only saw a blog on their official website that briefly introduced this technology ZEGO Avatar, an Indispensable Key Piece of the Metaverse Puzzle!

There are various indications that this company is researching metaverse technology, but it has not been released to the public. If you want to know more technical details, you can only contact their customer service. If you are interested in deeply participating in metaverse technology, you can contact their customer service.

If you find more technical details about the metaverse, please let me know in the comments section.

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