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Solanart Clone Script (Features + Companies)

Nowadays everyone who has a slightest knowledge about NFTs and digital art, are looking for a way to display their skill and art so that they are appreciated by their own audience. One of the NFT marketplaces on the Solana blockchain has recently attracted millions of NFT users around the world. It is an open market for all types of NFTs. Due to its popularity, revenue streams, and flawless features, many startups wanted to build an NFT marketplace on the Solana blockchain, and this Solanart is the perfect business model.
Solanart Clone Script is the easiest way to launch a Solanart-like NFT Marketplace on the Solana Blockchain. Since this software is equipped with all the attractive features of Solanart NFT Marketplace, the process of starting and developing is much easier. That's why using this simulation script is the easiest way to create an NFT market similar to Solanart. However, you have to keep in mind that it is not only applicable on the Solana Blockchain, it is applicable on other famous and popular platforms as well and it is counted as one of its features. Alongside the clone script, the Solanart App is also available and it can be modified based on the business needs. So in this article we are going to explain what the mentioned clone script is and what features and benefits it has that makes it valuable and significant, for instance it is said that it can support different kind of digital wallets and we are going to find it out. Stay tuned.

What is Solanart clone script?

Solanart Clone Script is in fact a pre-made and customizable solution that is similar to the existing Solanart, which by definition is an NFT marketplace. This is covered with features that have been incorporated in deciding the functionality of the NFT marketplace. This clone script solution will exactly aid entrepreneurs in creating a NFT world where users, creators or artists will be able to buy and sell and mint digital collectibles and explore, buy and sell NFTs. The customization which can be mentioned as one of its features, is the perk which will assure any changes the business owners require and want involving the additional features for the better enrichment of the functionality & capability of the NFT marketplace. This is quite a comfortable & best solution compared to Solanart Clone development from the base. It is also a fully-fledged NFT marketplace that allows anyone to buy or sell Solana-based NFTs, furthermore, it is passionate about letting artists and creatores to display their art and their creation and needless to say that it uses both on-chain and off-chain data.
Some other features of Solanart


Attractive Storefront to showcase the listed NFTs which is also categorized based upon popularity and new uploads and very attractive design they have to offer the users.

2.Search Option with Filters

Smart Search Option with filters, exactly brings up what the users are searching for and makes search easier and also enjoyable.

3.NFT Listing

Quick and Straightforward NFT listing, The NFT listed would be in any format like Png, gif, Jpeg, video, etc, The NFT is listed on the platform, once it is approved by the administrator.

4.Wallet Integration

Integrated Wallet with tight security feature lets users buy, sell and hold NFTS. It also can support various wallets as mentioned in the introduction like, Mobile App Wallets, Web Wallet , Hardware Wallets, Command-line Wallets

5.Creator Dashboard

Separate dashboard for creators which displays things like listing status, seller details, thus every creator can have their specific dashboard designed by their desire.

6.User Dashboard

User Dashboard is designed to show stats of sold and bought NFTs with time and price which is so helpful since trades are the most important part of the NFT marketplace.

7.Buying and Auction

Some Creators can list NFTs Under Auction, where users bid to buy NFTs, like proposing prizes fo the anted NFT, once the Auction gets complete, the desired NFT is sent to the buyer's wallet who is the one, who proposed the highest prize.


Ratings option is very important for both creators and users since it can show the quality of a collection or an NFT. It also helps in finding out the scammers out there.

So, by using this clone script, many startups will enjoy various benefits and profits in their marketplace business. Some of the advantages of using this clone script are:
• Generate massive ROI
• Immediate deployment
• Very reliable and scalable
• Compatible with multiple wallets
• Economic solution
• 100% customizable
Based on the advantages mentioned above, it is vividly noticeable that the solanart clone script is the ideal choice for starting an NFT marketplace. Also, this simulation script drastically reduces the cost required to set up your NFT Marketplace compared to other methods.

Now we are going to provide you with some statistics about Solanart
 Daily Sales - 2.3K
 Total Sales - 492K
 Daily SOL Volume: 8.9 K
 Total SOL Volume: 4300K
Solanart apparently charges 3% as a market commission on every transaction and additionally, 0.02% is deducted as the ad fee and this low fee is also the prominent reason for the growth of solanart needless to say that low fee is something that clients are looking foe and if you are one of those curious clients I need to say tha you have chosen t5he right place to come!

Image description
Here I listed some top collections of Solanart and some of them have a representative in the picture.

  1. SolChicks
  2. Genopets
  3. Aurory
  4. Degenerate Ape Academy
  5. Degenerate Trash Pandas
  6. Nyan Heroes
  7. Shadowy Supercoder
  8. Portals

Now the only question left is how to clone Solanart? What all the clients need to do is to hire a company or platform to does that job for you based on the features and functionality you need as a client. I know that finding a suitable company might be a little over whelming and difficult, but I collected some information to help you in this process. Here are a list of companies that might make your dream of owning an NFT marketplace come true. All you have to do is to read the article and search what features you want.

Image description


It is a companies filled with amazing and experienced developers that are ready to serve you. Its headquarter is in Istanbul and it was founded in 2016 and they are one of the best NFT Marketplace companies in the world. They work 24/7 to provide the clients with the best NFT marketplace they want and they are moving forward as fast as the technology does to satisfy their customers. The experts in the team do their best in consulting you for your desired marketplace. Other than developing NFT marketplaces, they also offer services like, cryptocurrency Exchange software decelopment, P2P cryptocurrency exchange software, trust wallet clone app development and, etc. they can develop NFT marketplaces by using apps like, Rrible, Opensea, Solanart, cryptopunks and etc. thus, as it is clear, they are so open about your desired NFT Marketplace because of the vast field of choice they provide their clients with. One of the services they provide the clients with is creating a marketplace like Solanart. As soon as you enter the page, the offer you a demo and they offer to present a project which is affordable for them, thus, the cost will not be something extraordinary for the users. They claim that Solanart development cost to build a NFT market place may vary from $10,000 to $18,000 based on the Work it should be done on the platform and If you want to add some extra features and extra security features the Solana clone script cost may be different.
The features they offer for their own Solanart clone
• Store Front
• Search Option
• Auctions and Bids
• NFT minting
• User Dashboard
• Ratings
Some benefits that are new in the Solanart Clone they offer
• Discover new creative work
• NFT filter option
• Store your favorite one
• Search filtering option


It is one of the websites that came up to anyone who are looking to start an NFT marketplace like Solanart. They might also interest you in a demo which is so clever. Something that attracted my attention was the fact that it was founded in 2020, almost 2 years ago and young to be this popular. All I could get about this significant company was that a range of $10,000 to $35,000 is set for their product and they were so strict about sharing the codes, but it was easy to say that they only use the ERC-1155 standard to develop their token infrastructure. They are also at the verge of creating an opensea clone app. their skilled team of blockchain developers with in-depth knowledge and years of experience in the blockchain field will present you with a Solanart Clone script which will be a perfect suit for your business requirements, no matter what features you ask for, they most certainly will provide a unique NFT marketplace like Solanart.
Benefits of hivelance’s Solanart clone script
• High ROI
• Cost-effective solutions
• Low transaction fees
• Entire customization
• Faster transaction speed
• SOL inception


The next company that I’m going to talk about is Clarisco. I figured out that they can help users to build their peer to peer NFT marketplace and they claim that they can develop Opensea clone platform on various networks like, Ethereum, Solana, Tron and etc. There are some benefits about this company that I’m going to mention here. It is highly customizable which means that they can easily make your dream of NFT marketplace come true, minimal transaction fees, impeccable security, swift ownership transfer, escrow powered and etc. This company is also so confidential about their coding system but they stated that The Token standards they use are ERC-721, ERC-998 and ERC-1155.
At Clarsico Solutions, they try to deliver cutting-edge solutions integrated with ultra-modern technologies. Their professional developers have immense expertise in delivering quality solutions across myriad platforms. They also offer fully-featured Solanart Clone Script that will for sure help you to be a successful firm in the world of NFT!

Some feature of Clarisco’s Solanart clone:
• Huge ROI
• Native Token - SOL
• Economical Solution
• Negligible Transaction fees
• Blazing Fast Transaction Speed
• 100% Customizabl
• No Middlemen


And lastly, the company that we are going to elaborate on is Bitdeal. They are a team of experienced experts that aside form NFT marketplace development, offer NFT apps on moblies and windows with high API integration. They can support all digital arts or assets like, arts, music, photography, video and gaming collectibles. Some of the features that this company has to offer are: NFT minting, Store Front, advanced Filters, advanced Search. They call themselves as one of the NFT marketplace development companies which believes in digitalization and striving to startups, enterprises in the crypto space. They have over 7 years of experience and it is fulfilled with strong developers, they also provide on time deployment. Bitdeal provides optimal NFT solutions on various blockchains like Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polygon Matic, Flow, Near, etc. Our solid experience in the crypto industry. Being the top-rated company in the crypto space, we are obliged to provide noble services with the keen customer centric approach, thus it means that they are ready to serve the clients with the best Solanart Clone.
Some features are
• Customization
• High ROI
• Low Transaction fee
• Scope of Solana
• SuperFast Transaction Speed

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