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Michael "lampe" Lazarski on August 04, 2019

Introduction Visual Studio Code lets you access almost every feature it provides by a command that is accessible via the command palette... [Read Full]
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Hi Michael,

I like your settings. I apply almost all in my VS but after apply my terminal showing like below how to fix


Thats a strange bug.

I would create an issue at the github vscode repo.


No issue i fixed that actually i change :
"terminal.integrated.fontFamily": "monospace",
"terminal.integrated.fontFamily": "Hasklig",
and started showing that...now i revert this to monospace


Rectangular selection...
This one always gets me in VS code. In VS, SQL management studio, etc, the key is Alt Shit & arrows.
But in VS Code, as you explain, that duplicates the line.
How do you do it in VS Code? Super useful when you need to enter the same text into multiple lines at once, possibly with an overwrite.


shift+alt + select with mouse will give you a rectangular selection / column selection... also, middle mouse click does it.
Unfortunately works for mac only (at least for me), on Linux there seem to be some conflict with window movements, I have not tried it on Windows and I'd like to know.



Ahh okay!

Yeah, that works on windows for me but I don't use that.

Can not think of any situation where i need that 🤔

yes, it isn't really an everyday thing but it can be useful when editing SQL or old languages where column alignment is everything. To tell you the truth I started using that on the native os x text editor, you just press option and start dragging around, the cursor becomes a cross and all makes a bit more sense :)

Okay, usually when I work with SQL it is not directly SQL but some layer over SQL ;)

So with what old languages are you still working with?

yes, that is what one should do (in fact lately I am dropping SQL all together), but the box selection I used it a lot when I was creating ui elements in objective c with this tool, ASCIImage that transforms a string like this:

+ (UIImage *)chevronImageWithColor:(UIColor *)color
NSArray *asciiRep =
@"· · · · · · · · · · · ·",
@"· · · 1 2 · · · · · · ·",
@"· · · A # # · · · · · ·",
@"· · · · # # # · · · · ·",
@"· · · · · # # # · · · ·",
@"· · · · · · 9 # 3 · · ·",
@"· · · · · · 8 # 4 · · ·",
@"· · · · · # # # · · · ·",
@"· · · · # # # · · · · ·",
@"· · · 7 # # · · · · · ·",
@"· · · 6 5 · · · · · · ·",
@"· · · · · · · · · · · ·",
return [self imageWithASCIIRepresentation:asciiRep
                                    color:[UIColor blackColor]

into these hi res images, on the fly:
chevron rendered
it really helped a lot although you end up creating the weirdest copy and paste combinations - hence the box selection :)


ctrl+alt and up/down arrow lets you edit several lines at once


Oh, he means multi editings!

Yeah I left that one out because it this is one little harder to understand there will be an extra post about efficient editing :)


I don't fully understand.

Can you explain a little bit more what you need?


Good post. Especially for someone like me who tries to let go Sublime.
What I still couldn't figure it out is how could you select some code from several lines.
In Sublime, I could click where I want to start, then hold Shift and click where I want to stop, then hold Ctrl and click where I start selecting again and hold Shift and click where I want to stop.
In VS when I do that it gets selected all the lines.


Thank you :)

What I do in that case I select what I want to highlight for example _id and then I press CTRL+d and this will also select the next instance of _id.


As someone who uses VS Code on all three operating systems it's supported on, and a heavy user of keyboard shortcuts already - just not the ones in VS Code - this is immensely helpful.


Cool :)

One thing I have to ask:
When you are switching from or to OSX.
Do you also get confused with shortcuts?

Like my brain needs time to make that jump.
Switching from Linux to Windows no problem but OSX always feels different to me.


Since macOS (formerly OS X) is my primary platform, and Windows / Linux share a shortcut scheme, it's actually not a problem at all. As long as I remember "Command for Macs, Control otherwise" I'm good to go.

Okay for me it is the other way around. I always struggle to write an @ 😂😂😂


Very nice guide! I already use some of these, picked up code folding, close unsaved and split screen shortcuts and more. Thanks!



For me, the biggest game-changer at the end of the day was close unsaved.

When you are in a hurry to push to git 🤣🤣🤣


for me in VS code for linux, I have multi-cursor on alt-shift-up/down as default and copy line on ctrl-alt-shift-up/down. This was default when I installed it.



I'm on Arch Linux with gnome-shell.

And Just installed a fresh version of VS Code.

Works like in the article 🤔🤔.


Strange. The official keymap for linux (link in the beginning of the article) also say that shift-alt+up/down is insert cursor above/below.

Yeah, strange.

Also, I'm using a german layout on my keyboard and in the system, I have chosen an English layout :D

I wrote this on a Windows machine. So yeah looks like there are slight differences in Windows and Linux but I use both and never paid attention to it.


simple and nice. Easier to read in a table or bullet point format. Great effort. Thanks


Ctrl(or cmd)+d selects the next instance of the word your cursor is currently on. It's awesome for renaming multiple instances without changing every instance. I use it all the time!


Oh, right I always forget about that one!


Minor typo: "Enter Zen Mod" should be "Enter Zen Mode", but otherwise a great article!


Ohhh yes, You saved me the learning curve i could have undergone while googling


Your welcome and I'm glad that I could save you time :)


I also like Ctrl+k and then 1-9 it folds structures 1..9 levels deep

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