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What? You should learn every popular backend language and its most popular framework on top?

No! Please don't do that

Pick one language and one framework and then stick with it for one year!

If you go the path of the author you will be the master of nothing!

also the first graph is complete bul***it. The frontend was never as complex as it is right now. Just looking at all the new browser API and PWA's.

and yes the backend is also complex but that because of the trend of starting your project that could be a monolith for the next 5 years with 30 micro services but that is a complete different topic.

The first use of that picture I could find on google reverse image search was in 2017. Even back then it was not true.


No. One should focus on a particular language and stick to that until he's good at it in both backend and frontend. I have just listed them so that newbies can know which frameworks of languages known to them are trending currently.


your title is saying "X X Tutorials you should complete to master the back-end". that's just not true.

A more fair title would be: "You should focus on one of these 5 back-end technologies" or something in that direction.

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