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re: You don't have to censor yourself, but don't get so defensive when you get an honest reply to your uncensored views. If you don't want feedback, do...

I did not delete your comment and until now I don't see any feedback. The first comment was a snarky sarcastic one 🤷‍♂️

I think my original reply matches your OP. The title is click-bait and it's filled with memes; I think it's perfectly reasonable to expect sarcastic replies to posts that didn't take themselves very seriously from the start.

If you think that it is like that okay.

But then please don't tell that this is feedback.

"I have my views and my thoughts and I will not censor myself because someone somewhere in the world does not feel rubbed the right way"

As i don't expect this from me I don't expect this from anybody else 😊

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