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re: This is an interesting insight into how people view Microsoft. I started my career out with Classic ASP then transitioned to .NET then in 2012 I we...

The thing is a few years ago I was an Arch Linux User and at work, I'm still a Linux user. Installing packages and software and dependencies were just so much better in Linux and if you picked the right hardware you had no problems installing Linux at all.

Bash or ZSH or whatever terminal you are using was just so much better.

Also, performance over Windows the same laptop was like night and day!

Windows was just slow and sluggish.

I never used ASP.net or Visual Studio.

I still prefer open-source then closed source software.

WSL2 will be amazing! It is a fast Linux VM that has almost zero overhead and the tooling for it gets better and better!

and Thank you :)

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