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6 Github Repos for web developers you should have a look at

lampewebdev profile image Michael "lampe" Lazarski ・3 min read

I was scrolling through and found this post:
6 GitHub Repos For Instant Knowledge Boost

And I must agree with the author that awesome lists are awesome but they are also sometimes too big and there are too many links.

So here are some of my favorite GitHub resources you should know for instant knowledge boost aimed at web developers!
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Don't we all love job interviews? Solving tasks that in the real world we will never solve? Like writing algorithms on a whiteboard? Or looking at code and beeing asked: "What will be the output?". Where you should answer: "REFACTORING! THIS IS HORRIBLE CODE!".

But we all need to prepare for these! So in this repo, you will find questions and solutions in many languages!

Going through all of them can take you days or hours or months it depends on your skill and experience so I will not make any predictions!
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Right now we have the trend in the tech world to talk a lot about algorithms and that we have to know them!

So here is this fantastic repo where you can find most of them!

The really cool thing is that every algorithm is written in javascript and has tested. So it is even easier for you to understand!

Just a side note: Please don't learn them to the point that you can write them directly out of your brain on to the monitor. In my experience and opinion, 99,5% of developers will never have to write or implement some kind of algorithm. You only need to understand the time complexity of these algorithms so you can decide when to load a library that has this algorithm implemented to do the right job.
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Security is a topic that is and was always important but with more things being in the cloud and digital. Security is becoming a top priority and also a sales point for a lot of companies.

This also means for you as a developer by just knowing the basics you can get a better salary because you have a plus to a lot of developers that think that security is not important.

This repo has the basics of the basics explained that for me are a must even for junior devs these days.
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Functional programming is becoming a trend not just only in Javascript but in general at least in my bubble.

Also, you should know more than just plain OOP.

I have not much more to say about functional programming. I think you should know it at least a little bit. It will make you a better developer.
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Don't block the event loop! Please don't block the event loop! Please use best practices while working with nodejs!

If you work with nodejs you have blocked the event loop and you shouldn't!

This is why you need to read this guide of best practices for nodejs.

It is a must if you work with nodejs.

So do it! Do it now!
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This repo is inspirede by the bock with the same name by Uncle Bob.

If you don't like to read the book then this repo is for you!

We all know that bad code can work because we all have written bad code.

It is normal to write bad code. Having a guide to show you what is bad code can help you to write good code.

I go through this repo from time to time fresh up my mind!

Do you have some favorite Github repo that should be on this list?

Comment down below!

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keyul profile image

The amazing list of the git repo.

suggesting one more git repo:

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katafrakt profile image
Paweł Świątkowski

Nice list. Perhaps it would be better to use "for JavaScript developers" instead of "for web developers" in the title though...

Also, first two screenshots are the same, which is probably a bug ;)

lampewebdev profile image
Michael "lampe" Lazarski Author

Thanks for the feedback!

I changed the Screenshot :)

bam92 profile image
Abel Lifaefi Mbula • Edited

Great work. I did summarize many repos that you can find here for more general resources in CS. I think some of the resources here can be found there. And, I will add some of the resources here to my list

prostomarkeloff profile image

Looks good, thanks!

hinasoftwareengineer profile image

Thanks for sharing these. I have really need of these.

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petecapecod profile image
Peter Cruckshank

Thanks so much 👏👏 I had at least 2 of them stared myself. Now I've got all 5 😎

lampewebdev profile image
Michael "lampe" Lazarski Author

Nice to hear that you could find something new :)

codingsh profile image

Awesome article, the best list for start improvement for js developers

lampewebdev profile image
Michael "lampe" Lazarski Author

Hope you can get some information from this that will help improve your skills!

kelvinlien profile image
Kelvin Lien

Added to my reading list. Great resource for beginners like me. Many thanks! :D

yougotwill profile image
William Grant

Thank you for this post! 🙏

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sundeep_charan profile image
Sundeep Charan Ramkumar

These are simply great :)