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Top 10 Web Design Trends To Follow In 2018

A good design can make or break your web business. It’s the face of your company and its important that it keeps up with the trends. In this world of innovation, people love trendy things, be it food, fashion, or web design. While developing a web page, every developer puts his heart and soul into it. To get the best results out of that effort, all you would have to do is to just do a little research and incorporate latest design trends in your design to make it appear fresh.

So we did a little bit of digging into this and here we have compiled a list of latest design trends in website design that must be kept in mind in 2018 while deciding the look and feel of your web page.

1. Geometrical figures and shapes: This is something that we studied in middle school and it hasn’t left following us yet. When it comes to design, people love implementing these to make the designs more simple and impressive. There are hundreds of Geometrical shapes available over the internet. Choose. Grab. Apply. They still includes flat designs and 2D design which can make your website more catchy and appealing.

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2. Graphical Design Patterns: Graphic Designers always think how to make the most out of the images so as to make the web pages more attractive and impressive. Normal Photoshop designers edit the images with the slight modification from the available templates which can make a bad impression on the user. With the help of Graphic designing you can create perfect Line-Arts which can help in grabbing more attention to your web page. You may have seen Line-arts on some websites like Medium. When we use Line-Art icons in a web page they improve the user’s visual experience.

3. Make your Design Mobile Friendly: According to Google, more than 50 % search queries are performed from the mobile devices.So developers tighten up your seat belts and get ready to move to the new era of Technology. Also you would be surprised to know that Google has mentioned Mobile First Indexing on the top of his priority list. So I would suggest to all the web developers out there, to make your website more Mobile Friendly. You can ensure mobile friendly behaviour of your website with LambdaTest’s emulators and simulators.

4. SVG/Cinemagraphs: In the HD world, no one likes to see blurred images on the websites. So, it’s the time to make your images more clear and Use more & more visualization in your websites.To make your images more interesting, you should start using SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics).The benefit of using SVG images in your web pages is that your images’ pixels won’t get degraded when zoomed. Cinemagraphs are also a kind of image which create an illusion to the user as they are watching an animation or video. Cinemagraphs improves the visual performance and are used in most of websites now a days. The best thing about Cinemagraphs is that they are available in all formats like HD/SD/4K etc.

5. Variegated Typography: Variegated means using different colors. Typography is also an important part. It might seem like they are not considered as that important but designers should be very careful & cautious while choosing the right font size and typeface. It should be considered crucial to the website design. The exact Typography will help in expressing the message that you want to convey or show. Your font size should be big enough as it better utilizes the white spaces and also it’s very catchy to the eyes. Talking about the typeface, you should not use the regular fonts as they are limited and show repetition.Go and use some customization in your font size.

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6. NLP & Machine Learning: It’s getting very trendy these days to use voice Search in your website.AI & ML are working mainstream together like they are used in some apps for Voice search like Siri. It’s going to change the way we look at websites in 2018 & in many years to come.

7. Grid Formation & Layouts: Developers are always trying to find some ways which can make their work easier. Grid Layout is a similar kind of approach which helps in placing multiple elements on the page as there are multiple columns in the grid layout. A responsive Grid view layout has often 12 columns which adjusts according to the browser.

8. Scrolling Effects: One thing that refuses to go out of reach from the trends is the Parallax Effect. This effect makes your scrolling effect as of it is on 3D when you move your page up/down.One thing that should be avoided is Long Scrolling. Scrolling tells you how much interactive your content is. It adjusts your pace.

9. Micro-Interactions: Well, now let’s talk about how you express your feelings via Emojis. Without actually texting someone, you can explain what you are trying to say or express.You might have observed like when you long press the “Like” button on FB then it shows some Emojis waving around on your screen. It feels good to see some of the emoticons on your screen. These micro-interactions are now getting popular and became a trend in websites.

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10. ChatBots: People now are looking to make their chatting and support process over the internet, more interactive and intelligent. For that web developers are using highly personalized and intelligent Chatbots that would respond to your request of service over the website. Next time when you hear a pleasant voice in a website, That’s a Chatbot. You may think that you are chatting with the real guy but you are not. But advantage of using Chatbots is that they make your website more responsive and interactive and also they return results faster comparatively.

These are some of the trends that you can’t miss in 2018. So, if you are deciding to design your next website don’t forget to try these trends and watch out for the increasing traffic on your website.

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